OLITA AfterSun Hydrating Body Serum

May 24, 2021

Currently available: $20  Visit their site to learn more

Overdid it in the sun? Our friends at OLITA have you covered with their AfterSun Hydrating Body Serum! With a line of eco-conscious products that are made for the beach (Olita means ‘little wave’ in Spanish) and outdoors, the skincare needs of active TrailblazerGirls will be well taken care of. The AfterSun Hydrating Body Serum is loaded with a carefully curated blend of plant extract oils and vitamin E. One of the key ingredients, aloe barbadensis (AKA aloe vera), goes to work immediately providing welcome relief by cooling burned skin. It initially has the look and feel of a light oil, but once you gently rub it into sunburned or dry skin, it’s quickly absorbed, leaving your skin soft and nourished without any greasiness. If you decide to dip back in the water, don’t worry because the ingredients in all of their products are free of any toxic or harmful chemicals helping to preserve and protect our coral reefs. Another way that OLITA shows their dedication to ocean conservation is by donating 10% of each sale to the Coral Reef Alliance. Good for you and good for the environment, it’s OLITA AfterSun Hydrating Body Serum!