Point6 Socks

April 8, 2021

Currently available: $21.95+  Visit their site to learn more

Top notch socks made from top notch wool! The folks at Point6 source their wool from family-run sheep stations in New Zealand that hand-select wool for Point6 according to strict fiber specifications. The wool is then washed, processed, knit, and finished in the USA, and all this special attention leads to socks that are more durable, quicker to dry, and free of chemicals that are often used in the cleaning process. This family owned business takes sustainability seriously from processing their merino wool to donating socks to underprivileged communities to offering discounts to those who send in their used socks. Point6 socks are available in a range of size options (small, medium, or large), style options (no show, mini crew, 3/4 crew, crew, mid-calf, or over-the-calf), and cushion options (ultra light, extra light, light, medium, heavy, or extra heavy). They kept our feet blister free, dry, comfortable, well cushioned, and stink free on a recent hike through the Cascade Mountains. For the ultimate merino wool socks, check out Point6 Socks!