March 15, 2021

Currently available: $4.80+  Visit their site to learn more

Show some love for the planet the next time you brush your teeth! A toothbrush is something that we all use multiple times every day (hopefully, that is!), and most of the brushes out there are made with plastic that ends up in our landfills. Here’s a solution to this problem from our friends at Bogobrush. They offer two types of toothbrushes with handles that can be recycled. Choose a handle fabricated out of recycled plastic, which can then be popped in the recycle bin after you’ve worn it out, or go with one that has a handle made from flax particles, hemp, cotton, or coffee, which then can be tossed in your backyard compost pile once it has lost its usefulness. Yes, you read that correctly, the compost pile…how cool is that! Note that you’ll need to remove the bristles when it’s time to recycle the handles since they aren’t made from recycled materials and aren’t compostable. The toothbrushes come in a variety of colors with the option to purchase a convenient stand to hold the brush upright. Plus, they have a comfortable feel to them and have soft nylon bristles, which are recommended by most dentists. So, brush responsibly with Bogobrush, the eco-friendly toothbrush!