MUSH Overnight Oats

March 3, 2021

Currently available: $2.99  Visit their site to learn more

Better than oatmeal. Better than yogurt. Meet MUSH Overnight Oats! Yes, MUSH is mushy, but in a good way! They take oats, one of the healthiest grains available, filled with beta-glucan fiber, a soluble fiber that helps lower blood sugar, improve insulin resistance, and reduce cholesterol levels, and soak them in a dairy free mylk, either coconut or almond. The soaking helps to make those important nutrients, like zinc and iron, more digestible and absorbable. Offering 6 flavors, apple cinnamon, coffee coconut, dark chocolate, strawberry, vanilla bean, and blueberry, each 6 ounce package comes with a spoon, ready to eat with 210-270 calories and 5-8 grams of protein. Our favorite flavor is the blueberry, with its creamy texture and yummy fruity flavor. Found in the refrigerator section of the grocery store or online at the link above, its a fresh product that is free of any preservatives or artificial fillers. Making healthy food convenient and delicious, that’s MUSH Overnight Oats!