Click & Carry

March 1, 2021

Currently available: $12.99  Visit their site to learn more

You’ve got gear to carry, and they have a solution! It’s Click & Carry, a handy gadget for carrying lots of stuff! A unique twisting column design opens the device allowing you to evenly distribute your bags, boots, buckets, and other gear that can hang within two identical side cavities. It’s strong enough to support a total of 80 pounds (40 pounds on each side). This little tool is designed to be worn over your shoulder or carried in your hand. Whether you’re on a camping trip and need to carry your lantern, hiking boots, food bags, and sleeping bag or going to the mall on a shopping spree, Click & Carry allows you to comfortable carry everything in one go. Tote all your TrailblazerGirl gear with the compact and convenient Click & Carry!