Überleben Original Kuksa

February 10, 2021

Currently available: $24  Visit their site to learn more

Feel nature in your hands. From our friends at Überleben, the folks who brought us the must-have Überleben Stöker Flatpack Stove and Kessel 2.0 Pot, comes the Original Kuksa cups. A kuksa is a hand carved wooden cup of Nordic origin that is popular among outdoor lovers. True to the traditions, the Überleben Original Kuksa cup is hand made from a single piece of wood, Hevea brasiliensis (aka “Mala Oak”), to be exact, and the handle is on the same level as the crown line of the bowl. Available in 8 ounce and 12 ounce sizes with a leather lanyard and metal carabiner to carry, it can be used for hot or cold beverages, fruit, cereal, soup, and more. Treat it with care like the piece of art that it is by hand washing and drying it, oiling it regularly with a food-grade oil to keep it conditioned, and avoid overly extreme temperatures. In our world of plastic and man-made materials, it’s refreshing to have something natural like the Überleben Original Kuksa.