Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill You

January 20, 2021

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Explore the outdoors responsibly! The recently released, Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill You, by Rob and Haley Nelson, is a guidebook on how to “survive random acts of nature”.┬áThe catchy title and illustrations give you a hint as to the tone that the writers take in this entertaining and informative book. A combination of true stories, biology, and recommendations, unfold the best ways to avoid getting bitten by a piranha in the Amazon (avoid swimming in small bodies of water in the dry season, don’t trash around in the water, and definitely don’t swim if you have a cut or an open wound since piranhas are drawn to blood); survive an encounter with a wolf (stay calm, don’t run, show your dominance by maintaining eye contact and making yourself as big as possible); and the Rule of Threes in basic survival to prioritize finding shelter first, then water, then food. These are just a few of the many scenarios outlined in this educational reference book. Before your next TrailblazerGirl adventure, take a look at Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill You for some practical advice and tips on surviving the great outdoors.