Garma Guard

January 19, 2021

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Can’t wash it? Then spray Garma Guard on to deodorize and freshen it! For those items like tents, hiking boots, ski gloves, shin guards, and other outdoor gear, that just can’t be tossed into the washing machine, Garma Guard will do the trick to remove the bacteria that cause odors, leaving everything clean smelling. There are no harsh chemicals involved in this amazing feat, simply a proprietary blend of naturally derived organic ingredients, with citric acid as the key. And when you don’t have time to change your clothes after a workout, a quick spray freshens up even the stinkiest of clothes, until you have a chance to wash them, and then Garma Guard washes away with regular laundering. Each 6 ounce bottle delivers more than 225 sprays.¬†Guard against odors with Garma Guard!