Editor’s Top Finds of 2020: Most Innovative Travel Items

January 11, 2021


While we might not have traveled much in 2020 (if at all given the coronavirus pandemic!), we all dreamed of getting away to exotic and far away places, so our TrailblazerGirl editorial team wanted to highlight their top 3 picks of the most interesting and innovative travel items that we featured in 2020. First to make the list is Rollux by Fugu, the carry-on sized bag that expands to a full-sized, check-in bag. This amazing piece of luggage is durable, yet lightweight, and includes features like sturdy, detachable spinner wheels for ease of travel; loads of internal and external pockets to keep things organized; and a built-in, external USB port to hook up a portable battery for charging on-the-go. Second, Soarigami, is the travel gadget to help put your mind at ease when sharing an armrest. A paper airplane-shaped, foldable device, it clamps onto any existing armrest, allowing you and your seat mate to each have your own place to rest your arm on a padded surface with a divider in between. Third, travel to the Land of Down Under to visit the Museum of Underwater Art. Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, the vision of MOUA is to provide an underwater experience which inspires reef conversation; achieves positive environmental outcomes; and engages the community in the cultural stories of land and sea. These are just a few of the innovative travel items featured in 2020 that were worth a second look and maybe an after-holiday present to yourself!