ENELL Racer Bra

September 17, 2020

Currently available: $68  Visit their site to learn more

All the support you need, even with your most active TrailblazerGirl adventures! Our friends at ENELL have a Racer Bra that is designed to keep the girls in place, especially for those that are well endowed. For high or medium impact workouts, this sports bra ensures support and zero bounce, thanks to wide shoulder straps, an inch and a half a wide movement control band, and a snug fit. It’s a front closure bra (with 9 hook and eye closures!), so you won’t have to do any contortionist calisthenicsĀ to get it on or off, and there aren’t any wires to work their way out and get in the way of your comfort. The material is moisture wicking, soft, and tailored to keep you cool, though it is a bit on the shiny side. Built to support, stabilize and secure, the ENELL Racer Bra is the unshakeable choice for high impact activities!