MyoStorm Meteor 2.0

September 1, 2020

Currently available: $149  Visit their site to learn more

Tackle pain and stiffness with a meteor…as long as it’s the Meteor 2.0 from our friends at MyoStorm! This novel product combines heat and vibration to aid in the recovery of sore muscles. About the size of a softball, this patent-pending, FDA medical device relies on extensive research by athletes, physical therapists, and engineers to provide the optimal vibration frequency and heat setting in muscle recovery and pain management/reduction. There are 3 vibration levels plus a heat setting that reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use the vibration and heat independently or they can be used together. Smartly, the buttons for turning on the vibration and heat settings are recessed so that you can roll on the Meteor without worry of altering the settings or turning it off. We found it particularly effective on tight calf muscles by either holding the ball against the calf or sitting on the floor and resting our calf on the ball for just a minute or two. With just the vibration setting, it will run for more than 6 hours, and when you add the heat setting, it will run for about an hour. It’s fully recharged via a USB port in about 4 hours. For a portable massage tool that provides gentle, therapeutic vibration and soothing heat, check out the MyoStorm Meteor 2.0.