South 40 Snacks Giant-Sized Sunflower Seeds

August 24, 2020

Currently available: $27 (6 bags)  Visit their site to learn more

A giant, healthy addiction! Our friends at South 40 Snacks shared their Giant-Sized Sunflower Seeds with us, and we are hooked! They live up to their name, being about one and a half times the size of other standard sunflower seeds on the market. They are batch roasted, salted, and ready to crack. Sooo addictive! Not to worry though, sunflower seeds are loaded with protein, fiber, and antioxidants like vitamin E, selenium, phenolic acids and flavonoids. Plus, the seeds from South 40 Snacks are non-GMO, gluten free and kosher. And they come in a thick, resealable bag that will keep all 8 ounces of your seeds fresh and tasty. Satify your crunchy, salty cravings in a big way with South 40 Snacks Giant-Sized Sunflower Seeds!