Cadence Capsules

July 27, 2020

Currently available: $14  Visit their site to learn more

A clever carry-all! Our friends at Cadence spent several years developing a solution for taking your products on the go without sacrificing style and functionality. Their Capsules are hexagonally shaped containers that are leak-proof and magnetic. Individual capsules will snap together in a group to form a line or honeycomb-like structure so you can easily find them in your bag. Commendably, they are made with recycled ocean-bound plastics collected from beaches around the world, preventing more plastic from entering landfills. A wide mouth makes them a cinch to fill (and clean!) with your must-have products like sunscreen, moisturizing lotion, vitamins, powder, shampoo, or conditioner. When you order your capsules, you can choose from a list of handy interchangeable labels to identify the contents of the containers.¬†You won’t miss a beat with Cadence Capsules, the eco-friendly way to keep you organized!