Abeego Firestarter

July 20, 2020

Currently available: $4  Visit their site to learn more

Come on baby light my fire! As long as you have the Firestarter from our friends at Abeego! Earlier we introduced you to their wonderful beeswax wraps, and they have created their Firestarters to make use of the leftover trimmings from their Abeego beeswax wraps. Waste not, want not! These little strips of beeswax wraps burn easily, making them super convenient to start your campfire, fire pit, or charcoal barbecue. Just take a few thin strips, loosely crumple them, then light them. You can even create a makeshift candle by tightly twisting a strip, and popping it in a thin-necked bottle. They are lightweight, water-resistant and burn chemical free. Light up with Abeego Firestarter!