Frownies Aromatherapy Cellulite Cream

July 15, 2020

Currently available: $12.95  Visit their site to learn more

Oh, that dreaded cellulite! Our friends at Frownies have something that can help with the dimpling that can plague us, no matter how fit we are. Aromatherapy Cellulite Cream is a magical cream that contains a host of key ingredients¬†from natural sources that can help to minimize this woe. First, plankton extract improves your skin tone. Second, a therapeutic blend of essential oils, like grapeseed oil and apricot seed oil, helps to stimulate your lymphatic and circulatory systems. Third, MSM (AKA methylsulfonylmethane)¬†is a naturally occurring form of organic sulfur that has anti-inflammatory properties which help keep your skin smooth and youthful. Fourth, caffeine helps dilate blood vessels and reduce the appearance of those skin dimples. It’s recommended to apply the cream twice a day for at least 30 days. We found vigorously massage the cream into problems areas ensured its absorption, thus increasing circulation, plumping up the skin, and making the cellulite look less obvious. For a solution to one of the most common skin problems that we TrailblazerGirls have, check out Frownies Aromatherapy Cellulite Cream.