Allwood Girona

July 3, 2020

Currently available: $14,650  Visit their site to learn more

A DIY kit for building a mini cabin! Yes, that right, the Girona from the folks at Allwood is a 202 square foot cabin with three rooms and a 50 square foot terrace that’s perfect for hanging out in, sleeping in, working in and even cooking in. Designed out of Nordic Spruce, the cabin consists of 3 basic rooms with a total of 5 windows, folding exterior doors, and a roof with a 2 degree pitch. You will have to separately purchase roof shingles, a foundation, as well as fixtures and furnishings for outfitting the bathroom and kitchen. An easy-to-follow installation manual consisting of drawings with a corresponding parts list is provided. The website states that the cabin can be assembled by two adults with “some basic building knowledge and experience” in┬áthree to four days. For you TrailblazerGirls with a tool belt and hammer in your garage, the Allwood Girona is your do-it-yourself she-shed or private escape!