Shuttle Bike

June 19, 2020

Currently available: $1,701.60  Visit their site to learn more

Have bike, will travel…on water! Yes, with the Shuttle Bike conversion kit, you can have your standard road or mountain bike and take it on the water! The kit consists of a stainless steel frame, 2 inflatable pontoons, and a propulsion unit. The propulsion unit attaches to the frame of your bike and adjusts to contact the rear wheel when the bike is used on the water. From there, you can pedal to power the bike and the rudder which you attached to the front wheel, allows you to steer with your handlebars. The whole kit weighs about 10kg and can be put together in about 15 minutes without the need for any tools. It can be used with most of the bicycles on the market with the exclusion of bikes with a carbon-fiber frame and a full suspension. Pedal on water with the Shuttle Bike!