Black Chicken Remedies Natural Dry Shampoo

June 18, 2020

Currently available: $18.71 AUD  Visit their site to learn more

Dry shampoo from Down Under! Our friends at Black Chicken Remedies have an award-winning dry shampoo that is a blend of all natural, organic ingredients, specifically absorbent bamboo and diatomaceous earth (a unique type of sand that consists of fossilized algae that can also promote hair growth). On those days when you just don’t have the time to do a full shampoo and conditioning, look to this dry shampoo to save the day. A powder format that is toxin free, their formula is designed to remove unwanted excess oil from your tresses, leaving you with voluminous hair. Sprinkle a bit on your scalp, gently massage for a minute or so, then brush out any excess. Easy-peasy! There’s no powdery residue or strong smell, just fresh-scented, natural looking hair. For the perfect natural alternative to aerosol, choose Black Chicken Remedies Natural Dry Shampoo!