Mediamatic ETEN

May 15, 2020

Currently available: €100 for two people  Visit their site to learn more

Waterfront dining while maintaining social distancing! The folks at the Mediamatic ETEN, a vegan restaurant in Amsterdam, have taken an innovative approach to the changes that this pandemic has brought on. In hopes of keeping their diners safe and well fed, they have constructed small, two-person greenhouses along their waterfront for diners to enjoy a private meal, with a planned start date of June 1st. Named “serres séparées” or separated greenhouses, these glass structures must be booked in advance (currently all available time slots are taken, hopefully more will open up soon!) and are meant to be ideally shared by two people who live together. Waiters will wear protective shields and serve food using long wooden planks to minimize contact with diners. The plant-based, four-course, tasting menu will take advantage of seasonal ingredients and will change based on availability and freshness.  The private greenhouses will be cleaned thoroughly after each dining experience. Intimate dining in unique “serres séparées” at Amsterdam’s Mediamatic ETEN! (Photo Credit: Willem Velthoven for Mediamatic)