JAF Tea Pure Green Collection

April 16, 2020

Currently available: Varies  Visit their site to learn more

Fancy a cuppa? Our friends at JAF Tea offer single origin teas that are handpicked and ethically produced. Crafting exceptional teas, an artisan small-batch process is used to carefully pick two leaves and one bud at a time, choosing only the tenderest leaves at the prime time, resulting in enhanced flavor and a robust tea. Shortly after harvesting, the tea is processed and packaged in Sri Lanka to preserve the freshness and flavor. JAF Tea offers quite a selection of classic and flavored black tea and green tea. We had the pleasure of tasting their Pure Green Collection, an elegant black box filled with 8 classic and fruit flavored green teas, each individually packaged in foil envelopes. Our favorite was the Strawberry and Kiwi which smelled of juicy ripe strawberries as soon as the package was opened. Those more adventurous may enjoy the Soursop (also known as custard apple) and Banana, an exotic, tropical flavor that hints of pineapple, tangy citrus, and strawberry. For an experience in a cup, brew some JAF Tea!