Spinner Recycled Bike Tube Backpack by Green Guru

September 27, 2012

Currently available: $99.95  Visit their site to learn more

Going green… with bike tubes? Yep, the geniuses at Green Guru are now taking old bike tubes and water bottles and transforming them into the amazing Spinner Recycled Bike Tube Backpack. This backpack has all the features of your favorite day pack with the addition of a laptop pocket, outer pockets for water bottles, an inner hanger and pouch for a hydration bladder and compression straps. It’s incredible durable, probably amongst your most waterproof gear, and those rubber bike tubes have somehow been kneaded-out in a way to make the pack surprisingly soft and smooth to the touch. The folks at Green Guru seem to be able to work recyclable materials like an old-world tanner would work leather to create a beautiful piece of gear that feels and looks great. It’s a good thing.