Bu Women’s Long Sleeve V-Neck UPF 50+

February 20, 2020

Currently available: $70  Visit their site to learn more

Cover up! Our friends at Bu have a line of sun protective clothing that you will certainly want to check out. Rated at UPF 50+ (UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor, measures the amount of UV light that passes through fabrics), their long sleeve V-neck is made out of a lightweight material that is quick drying and breathable. It has a soft feel that is very comfortable and thumbholes in the sleeves that allow for additional coverage. With a snug fit, it’s ideal as a sun shirt over your swim suit for water sports, but also this shirt is equally useful as a base layer in the winter when running, snowshoeing, skiing, and other winter sports. When sunscreen isn’t enough, go for the extra protection of the┬áBu Women’s Long Sleeve V-Neck UPF 50+!