Bear Minimum Bear Bowls

February 6, 2020

Currently available: $25+  Visit their site to learn more

Got a pocket? Then you have room for a pot! What?! Well, not just any pot, it must be a Bear Bowl from our friends at Bear Minimum! This super clever idea will be an essential item in your backpacking and camping kit. The unique design consists of an aluminum baseplate, food grade PTFE coated fiberglass sides, and a braided paracord handle. The sides fold up and snap together to form a square bowl that is leakproof. You can boil water in it, cook your morning eggs and bacon, heat up your chili, and more. Unsnap the sides for easy cleaning; just wipe it down with a wet cloth – the food doesn’t stick! The bowls can withstand temperatures of about 550 degrees, and they are not recommended to be used over an open flame like a campfire, unless you are in dire straits. Though flame resistant, they’re not fireproof, and you’ll extend the life of your Bear Bowls if you don’t use them directly over your campfire. They come in three sizes with corresponding cute names: Baby Bear (4 inch pot holds 32 ounces); Mama Bear (5 inch pot holds 64 ounces); and Papa Bear (6 inch pot holds 128 ounces). Bear Minimum Bear Bowls are light, portable, convenient, space-saving, and fun!