Bison Gears Kiridashi Pocket Knife

February 5, 2020

Currently available: $19  Visit their site to learn more

The folks at Bison Gears have been busy following their popular Bison Rolling Grill (the top item in TrailblazerGirl’s 2019 Camping category). They have completed another successful Kickstarter campaign and funded the Kiridashi Pocket Knife. This handy little knife was inspired by the traditional Japanese design of an all-purpose blade that is compact, rugged, and produces extremely fine cuts thanks to being beveled only on one side. Built out of stainless steel with a finger ring for ease of holding, the blade weighs 0.15 ounces and fits into a case to protect and pivot the knife. Choose from five different color options: Summer Orange, Baby Blue, Cool Black, Snow White and Military Green. For a compact, practical knife to carry with you on your next camping trip, check out  Bison Gears Kiridashi Pocket Knife.