Sweatshield Undershirt

January 28, 2020

Currently available: $26.99  Visit their site to learn more

Don’t be afraid to raise your arms! Our friends at Sweatshield have designed an undershirt for us TrailblazerGirls that absorbs excessive underarm wetness. Yes, that’s right, no unsightly underarm sweat marks, even if you’ve really put in that extra effort! Their sweat proof technology includes an underarm barrier/shield that absorbs perspiration and seals that moisture in while neutralizing any odor and allowing heat to escape as vapor. The rest of the shirt is made out of a soft, thin micro modal fabric that is comfortable, breathable, and doesn’t add extra bulk. It has a slim, tailored fit with a scoop neck so it won’t show under sweaters or shirts and stays tucked in. The Sweatshield Undershirt is your answer to looking dry and free of embarrassing underarm marks!