Active Laundry Detergent

November 12, 2019

Currently available: $19.99  Visit their site to learn more

Don’t cover up the stink of your activewear! Use Active Laundry Detergent and really clean your clothes. Thanks to a special team of chemical engineers, this detergent has a formulation that actually breaks down and dissolves the sweat, oils, bacteria, and other yuckies that can get trapped in our workout clothes. The proprietary, plant-based enzyme formula is free of harsh chemicals, phosphates, and artificial fragrances and works wonders on the tightly woven fibers of technical and synthetic fabrics. Plus, it’s super concentrated so you only need a small amount – a 48 ounce bag knocks out about 90 loads of laundry since just a couple of small scoops cleans a large load of wash. Treat your technical fabric differently with Active Laundry Detergent!