Hover-1 xLS Folding Electric Scooter

November 1, 2019

Currently available: $699.99  Visit their site to learn more

Zip around town in this compact number! The Hover-1 xLS Folding Electric Scooter is your ticket to ride, reaching top speeds of 15 mph with a max distance of 15 miles on a single charge. It folds up for easy transport, weighs 50.7 pounds, and has features like front and rear disc brakes, a headlight, a taillight, kickstand, and comfortable cushioned seat. The LCD display covers the expected speed, battery life, headlight and brake indicators, plus some extras like tripometer (resets each time scooter is turned off), odometer (lifetime miles), and outside temperature. According to the manual, the charging time is 3-5 hours. If you need to get there quickly, hop on the Hover-1 xLS Folding Electric Scooter!