Toad&Co Cruiser Cord Skinny Pant

October 23, 2019

Currently available: $90  Visit their site to learn more

Yet another first rate item from that super company, Toad&Co…the Cruiser Cord Skinny Pant! These are classic cords but amped up. They bumped up the organic cotton with a bit of stretch, making them super practical for movement. You’ll be able to climb those mountains and tackle those trails comfortably and in style with the Cruiser Cord. Then there’s the details like a FlexForm Waistband that looks like a standard waistband but has a hidden stretch (think elastic without looking like elastic!) to take away any gaps or uncomfortable restrictions around your waist, the 5-pocket look of jeans, and the moisture wicking properties that are a must-have for activewear. Let’s not forget about Toad&Co’s commitment to sustainability, too. The fabric is made with 97% organic cotton, which uses far less water and a more sustainable kind of water called “green water” (i.e., rain water instead of irrigation), and is farmed without the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs. Overall, it’s much better for the environment. So feel good as you look with the Toad&Co Cruiser Cord Skinny Pant!