One80 Light H2 Trek Bundle

August 1, 2019

Currently available: $56  Visit their site to learn more

They’ve improved on an already great design! Our friends at One80 Light, makers of the Trek Bundle, have just released a new version of this hands-free lighting solution. Don’t worry, it still has the wide 180 degrees of semicircular illumination and the handy interchangeable components of the original model that convert it from a headlamp to a waist-light. But now, it is 100% waterproof, has a new flash mode, offers red light or green light options, and we especially like the clever drawstring bag that converts the light into a hanging lantern. How smart is that! Besides that new flash mode, you get a low beam that lasts more than 7 hours and a high beam that last about 3 hours. The rechargeable battery pack comes with stronger, reinforced, waterproof connectors that plug into a USB port, allowing for a quick 2 hour recharge. We’re super jazzed about the new version of the H2 Trek Bundle from those inventive folks at One80 Light, and we know you will be too!