One80 Light Trek Bundle

November 15, 2017

Currently available: $55  Visit their site to learn more

Hands free lighting and visibility! The Trek Bundle from our friends at One80 Light is a rechargeable band of 20 LED lights that can either be worn as a headband or around your waist. The name of the company is aptly descriptive; the band provides 180 degrees of semicircular illumination. The bundle comes with a stretchy headband and Trek belt that are adjustable and washable.The LED lights are on a velcro strip that easily attaches to either band and gives you 360 lumens of light with a throw of around 50 feet. The rechargeable battery pack provides up to 3 hours of light on high and 7 hours on low with a quick charge of 2 hours when connected to a standard USB port. It’s super handy for those evening runs, camping trips, while riding your bike to make you more visible, and even around the house when there’s a power outage (yes, we had the “pleasure” of testing it out recently here in the Pacific Northwest!). Easy to use, versatile, and hands-free, the One80 Light Trek Bundle is an important piece to light your way in your TrailblazerGirl adventures!