IGK Instant Summer Hair Kit

July 24, 2019

Currently available: $56  Visit their site to learn more

Treat your tresses! And our friends at IGK have the collection of products to do just that with their Instant Summer Hair Kit. Let’s start with the First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo, a not-surprising bestseller that gives you a quick deep clean without having to hop in the shower. As the name implies, the charcoal expunges sweat, dirt and oils from your hair. Plus there’s an added bonus of white tea powder with its antioxidants that strengthen your hair and restore your scalp’s health. Next, there’s the Beach Club, a styling, texturizing spray that will give you that beachy, windswept hair without a trip to the beach! Not to worry, there’s no drying salt, just a combo of glycerin and gluten-free hydrolyzed wheat protein that gives your hair a non-sticky, light volume. Lastly, the kit includes Speechless, a multipurpose spray that is described as a dry oil. Use it on your mane for a nice shine and flyaway taming. And it doubles as a body oil for those dry areas that need some extra moisturizing. We love that all three products have a very pleasant scent that is not over-powering at all. A big thank you to IGK for the time-saving products in their Instant Summer Hair Kit that pamper our hair!