Swiss Army Knife Survival Guide: 101 Tips, Tricks and Uses

April 22, 2019

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You probably have one in your camping kit…a Swiss Army Knife, of course. The soon-to-be-released book by Bryan Lynch titled,¬†Swiss Army Knife Survival Guide: 101 Tips, Tricks and Uses, will provide you with a variety of ways to use this quintessential multitool in emergency and survival situations. He starts out by giving a brief history of the knife, followed by some of the more popular models and accessories available. The meat of the book gets into practical examples of ways to use this iconic little red knife:¬†create a jug fish trap or aluminum stove; four different ways to construct a fire; design and improvise necessary gear like sunglasses, snow goggles or a navigational tool like a compass; or build a water filter. Each example provides step by step instructions and is outlined clearly with photos, items required, and estimated time for the project. Also scattered throughout are tidbits of advice and information based on the author’s extensive experience in the wilderness. Before you head out on your next camping or backpacking trip, sharpen your skills (hee-hee, pun intended!) with the Swiss Army Knife Survival Guide: 101 Tips, Tricks and Uses.