Jack and Mary Designs Mittens

March 25, 2019

Currently available: $44  Visit their site to learn more

Clever and cozy! Our friends at Jack and Mary Designs have created some of the cutest mittens. Not just any mittens, but mittens handmade out of 4 different recycled sweaters! Can you think of a better way to upcycle an old sweater or maybe even an ugly Christmas sweater? Every part of the sweater is used to make their products from mittens to hair accessories to hats and skirts. Most of the sweaters used are wool, so you know they’ll be warm and can be hand washed. The mittens are available in two sizes, small and regular, and  they’re lined with a soft fleece material for comfort. Choose from a variety of prints and solids, all with a fun button accent. Alternatively, you can send in a favorite sweater to their Maine office, and they’ll make a custom mitten out of it. What a great gift! Thanks to Jack and Mary Designs for finding a new way to give new life to an old sweater!