sweatWELLth Good For You Deodorant and Lip Quench Balms

January 10, 2019

Currently available: $12.50+  Visit their site to learn more

Products made without any B.S. (that’s Bad Stuff!) from our friends at sweatWELLth! With a propriety encapsulated technology, their deodorant and lip balms have some innovative features. With the Good for You Deodorant, think of it as a kind of time release formulation that neutralizes odors throughout your workout, leaving you with a fresh vanilla scent without any irritation to the delicate underarm area. Plus, it goes on smooth and doesn’t stain your clothes. We especially like their Lip Quench Balms that have electrolytes like sodium, magnesium, potassium, chloride, and calcium (yes, electrolytes like you have in your sports drinks!), cooling agents, and a broad spectrum SPF of 25 to keep your lips healthy and hydrated. An added bonus is the light tint of color: nude, pink, and berry. None of their products have any parabens, phthlates, artificial dyes or colors, sulfates, GMOs, or aluminum and are not tested on animals. Get your inner WELLth with sweatWELLth!