Sled Legs

November 9, 2018

Currently available: $50  Visit their site to learn more

The snow sled that you wear! What?! Yes, strap on Sled Legs, and you’re set to enjoy sailing down those snow covered hills! They look a little like the pads that ice hockey goalies wear to protect themselves. They are designed with a rigid outer shell with an interior out of the same foam used in football helmets and car bumpers, so you knees and legs will be protected and comfortable. Simply strap these on your legs, run, and then kneel into a sliding position. The angle of the foam keeps your toes from dragging until you’re ready to slow down or stop, then just dig your toes into the snow. Hop up and head back up the hill – no need to remove Sled Legs. Fun in snow with Sled Legs, the wearable snow sleds!