November 1, 2018

Currently available: $135  Visit their site to learn more

Group chatting is so easy with BONX Grip! BONX Grip is a fun gadget that enables you to communicate hands-free with up to 10 friends at a time through a Bluetooth earpiece. Imagine skiing down the slopes, biking through the woods, or climbing the rocks at your favorite park and being able to carry on a conversation with your best buds! Make sure everyone has a BONX Grip (sounds like a good holiday gift idea!), downloads the free app, and has cell service, and you’re set to chat in the “Talk Room”. Don’t worry if you have a weak connection or get disconnected. The voice assistance will let everyone know when the network is lost and will automatically reconnect when the network connect is established. The BONX Grip detects your voice and with their special machine learning technology, it adapts to your sound environment to cut out external noises like car horns or wind. When you’re not chatting, you can even use it as a Bluetooth headset to listen to music or to answer old-school, one-on-one, single calls. The headset is water and shock resistant and stays put thanks to ear loops that come in small, medium and large and small and medium interchangeable earbuds. BONX Grip is a fun, clear, hands-free way to connect with friends!