Hint Water

October 24, 2018

Currently available: $21 (case of 12 bottles)  Visit their site to learn more

Water but better! We all know that water is essential for good health, and our friends at Hint have created some tasty waters that will help you happily meet your daily hydration requirements. Best of all, they’re free of any sweeteners, that’s right, no sugar and no sugar substitute. So there’re zero calories, but don’t worry, you won’t even miss the sugar ’cause they’ve got a touch (or should we say, “Hint”!) of real fruit essence that gives Hint Water a refreshing, natural thirst quenching deliciousness. In their still waters, choose from loads of flavors like:¬†watermelon, blackberry, pomegranate, strawberry kiwi, pineapple, cherry, crisp apple, peach, raspberry, mango-grapefruit, honeydew, blood orange. peppermint, lime, and pear. Wow, quite the list! Lots of flavors and no artificial flavorings, no¬†preservatives, no sweeteners, no gluten, no animal products, and no MSG. For naturally flavored waters go with healthy, delectable Hint!