Alp-n-Rock Scout Embroidered Short Sleeve Henley

August 2, 2018

Currently available: $75  Visit their site to learn more

It’s all in the details! Our friends at Alp-n-Rock sell beautifully designed clothing that is inspired by the Swiss Alps and the world around us. We had the pleasure of checking out their Embroidered Short Sleeve Henley, and we’re impressed. A typical henley has a round neckline with a placket of two or more buttons, but the Scout is not your typical henley. The neckline is a very flattering round/v-neck hybrid with 6 dainty wooden buttons etched with an edelweiss flower (a hint to the orgin of this company which started as an idea in Zermatt, Switzerland), plus a triple whammy of embroidered edging. That signature edelweiss flower makes another appearance in the lower corner of the shirt in an appliqué, enhancing the femininity of a shirt that had its beginnings as a menswear shirt. A long length and darts in the back add to the well-thought-out details that make this shirt an all-around winner for your TrailblazerGirl wardrobe. Stay tuned for another great find from the folks at Alp-n-Rock!