The Bar Shack

July 18, 2018

Currently available: $36+ (12 bars)  Visit their site to learn more

Don’t settle. Imagine all your favorite ingredients in your next energy bar. Now you can get exactly what you want with the custom bars from The Bar Shack! There are 3 different Build-a-Bars to choose from: Protein Bars, Gourmet Protein Bars, and “Cheat Day” Dessert Bars. They all start with one of three bases: soft and datey, soft and chewy, or soft and nutty/seedy. Then comes the fun part as you customize it with yummies like nut butters, protein powders and flours (e.g., coconut flour, brown rice powder, even a vegan blend), nuts and seeds, dried fruit, flavor and texture enhancers (e.g., pea protein crisps, cacao nibs, maple sugar flakes), flavor oils (e.g., raspberry, smores, rum), and boosters (e.g., bee pollen, wheatgrass, maca). Next, you get to name your bars and pick out the packaging colors. Your bars will be freshly made according to your specifications, nutritional information will be printed on your chosen packaging, and then your bars will be shipped directly to you. The bars last at least 30 days at room temp, so it’s best to refrigerate them to prolong their freshness, but it may not be necessary since these bars will be soooo good that you’ll gobble them up! Design your own bars with the seemingly endless amount of choices at The Bar Shack!