Jelt Belt

June 25, 2018

Currently available: $32  Visit their site to learn more

It’s fun to say and even more fun to wear! Jelt Belt is a new, better-kind-of-belt to wear with your jeans, your hiking shorts, those casual khakis, and that shirt dress. There are three key features. First, the belt is designed out of a stretchy elastic that is made from recycled water bottles. Not only does this make it eco-friendly, but it also makes it much more durable than regular elastic. Don’t worry though, it still has the appropriate amount of stretch for comfort (about 4 inches of give). Second, the patent-pending buckle is very low profile so it lies flat when you wear it. Plus it’s fashioned out of recycled plastic and is non-metallic, making it travel friendly – no last minute scrambles at the TSA line. Third, the interior has silicon gel grippers that keep the Jelt and pants or shorts in place, with or without belt loops – no more plumber’s crack! It’s available in 4 sizes and in several neutral, all-purpose colors and a few prints. On top of all this, a portion of their profits support America’s combat veterans, children, and the environment. Yippee, no more bulky bulge or slippage with Jelt Belt!