BuckWHAT! Noshes

June 18, 2018

Currently available: $22.50 (6 pack)  Visit their site to learn more

They’ve changed…but don’t worry, they still taste as yummy as they did before! Earlier this year, we introduced you to BuckWHAT!, the buckwheat-based, healthy snacks that are naturally gluten free. Recently, they re-launched with happy, green packaging, some new flavors, and a focus on their Noshes (looks like they’re not doing the bars anymore). Maintaining the simple, limited, wholesome ingredients to only 5-7 with no added sugar, they are now packaged in single serving, resealable bags. (Insider tip: multi-serving bags are planned for Fall 2018). New flavors include Oatmeal Raisin and Simply Sunflower, and you can still find the Cocoa (with a swap out of the almond butter with sunflower butter – yum!) and Crunchy Peanut flavors. Check out the new (looking) BuckWHAT Noshes for buckwheat goodness!