June 14, 2018

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Bye, bye stink! It’s all in the silver…the special SilverClean Technology from the folks at SilverSport. Their clothing and accessories are infused with nanoparticles of silver that once activated by moisture (read: sweat!), bind to and eliminate odor-causing bacteria. The silver is also anti-microbial so you’re protected from harmful germs, and these special benefits don’t degrade over time nor are they washed away. We tested their leggings and socks and are happy to report that they were fresh smelling even after a strenuous TrailblazerGirl workout and an extra long trek through the woods! TheĀ SilverSport All Sports Spray is a super handy product that uses that same SilverClean Technology to get rid of the stink on things that you can’t wash like your gym bag, shin guards, yoga mats, shoes, and helmets. To keep your TrailblazerGirl lifestyle odor-free and germ-free, check out SilverSport!