Airhook 2.0

June 8, 2018

Currently available: Kickstarter Campaign  Visit their site to learn more

Just a few days left! Last year we introduced you to Airhook, the innovative gadget that makes airline travel more enjoyable by maximizing the little space between you and the seat in front of you by holding your drink and phone or tablet. An ongoing Kickstarter campaign has only a few days left to launch a new and improved version of the Airhook, the Airhook 2.0. Some of the new features include a stabilizer bar and enhance bungee support to make it more secure, a separate device perch that allows you to adjust the angle of your phone or tablet, and a crossbar that facilitates use of the Airhook 2.0 in your car with your headrest and on your luggage handlebars. Don’t miss out, with only a few days left in the campaign, put your pledge in now to be among the first to get this great, space-saving travel accessory!