The Airhook

October 16, 2017

Currently available: $25  Visit their site to learn more

Cramped airline seats? Want to improve your comfort level on your next flight? Of course you do, and The Airhook is just what you need! This innovative gadget is designed to maximize that little space between you and the seat in front of you. No need to pull down that tray table to hold your drink and phone. Just unlock the tray table, hook over the top of the tray table, and close and lock the table. Now you can set your phone or tablet at eye level, securing it with the bungee cord anchor and place your drink in the cup holder, conveniently adjusting the angle of the Airhook as needed. There’s also an attachment for holding a 16 oz can or bottle and a handy hook for hanging earphones or even a bag of snacks. It compactly folds down and fits in the included travel pouch, taking up very little space in your carry on. We’re hooked – maximize your legroom and comfort with the Airhook!