Ocean Suite at Singapore Resort World Sentosa

February 9, 2018

Currently available: Varies  Visit their site to learn more

Let the fishies watch over you as you sleep! The Singapore Resort World Sentosa is a unique hotel for your next getaway. This is a “lifestyle destination” with multiple unique hotels, museums, an aquarium, a luxury spa, a casino, a theme park, numerous casual and fine dining restaurants, but the high point is the marine experience with the 11 Ocean Suites. Designed as 2 story townhouses, the upper level is an open living area with an outdoor patio and jacuzzi, but the lower level is where the action takes place with a bedroom and a floor to ceiling window to look into the world’s largest aquarium with overĀ 40,000 marine fish. Relax as massive rays gracefully glide past or watch as ominous sharks swim through schools of colorful clown fish. This underwater sanctuary is a luxury retreat worthy of a bucket list stay!