Good Day Chocolate

October 10, 2017

Currently available: $12+  Visit their site to learn more

Chocolate turns every day into a good day…especially when it’s Good Day Chocolate! Good Day Chocolates are actually dietary supplements in the form of little chocolate balls of delicious yumminess. Created by a double board certified medical doctor and surgeon, only non-GMO and pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals are added to premium fair trade dark and milk chocolate and coated with a colorful hard candy shell to make them melt resistant. They come in the cutest packaging with a happy sun or moon and a resealable, flip top. Start your day off with the Energy Supplement which contains 20 mg of caffeine per piece, sourced from green tea, equivalent to about a quarter cup of coffee, plus some B vitamins and amino acids for a little extra boost. The Turmeric Supplement has 100mg of the spice per piece to ease sore muscles and promote healthy joints. The Calm Supplement has blend of magnesium oxide, L-theanine, camomile flower extract, and oat straw powder to keep you chill but not sleepy. Don’t forget your daily dose of Vitamin D3, especially during those not-so-sunny days, and the Vitamin D3 Supplement will give you 250IU per piece. And finally, end your day with the Sleep Supplement, containing 1mg of melatonin per piece. Try this “chocolate with benefits” and have a Good Day!