Lovefresh Sun Stick

September 27, 2017

Currently available: $15  Visit their site to learn more

You’re gonna love Lovefresh! Their fresh, colorfully labeled Sun Stick is all natural and provides sun protection equivalent to SPF30. Because it’s formulated with non-nano zinc, you’ll see a slight white tint when you apply, but with a little rubbing, it disappears, and you’re left with good protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The stick format makes it convenient to carry in your backpack or purse and it’s so easy to reapply, which you smart TrailblazerGirls know you should do every couple of hours or after swimming or an especially sweaty outdoor activity. We appreciate that it’s an unscented formulation so it won’t interfere with any perfume you wear or attract any bugs that some of the scented lotions can do. Check out Lovefresh for a convenient, natural, scent-free sunscreen!