Midnight Scoop

September 6, 2017

Currently available: $35  Visit their site to learn more

Make the last days of summer easy for yourself. An inventive dad and aerospace engineer came up with a clever invention that is designed to facilitate a very important task…scooping ice cream! The Midnight Scoop is a sleek looking, stainless steel ice cream scooper that is ergonomically shaped so that you use the large muscles of your arm and chest instead of your weak wrist muscles and joints. Smart! Scoop out even the hardest ice cream straight from the freezer with ease. This is a very solid, heavy scooper that is long enough to reach the deepest recesses of that gallon size container, yet small enough to be used with the small pint size containers, plus the beautiful design makes it look like a piece of art belonging in a modern art museum. So next time you have your midnight snack, reach for the Midnight Scoop for a better way to scoop!