MyCanoe 2.5 Plus

July 7, 2017

Currently available: $1,490  Visit their site to learn more

A canoe in a box! Described as an origami folding canoe, MyCanoe 2.5 Plus is an innovative, award winning, floating vessel that does indeed fold up like origami as is evidenced by the cool video clip above. But instead of paper, this is made out of double-layer, marine-grade, custom manufactured polypropylene that is lightweight and extraordinarily strong with a rating of 20,000 fold cycles. The Plus comes with two seats, two oar locks and two oars and at 14.5 feet is big enough to hold 2 people and their gear for a day on the lake. It weighs in at 52 pounds and can be assembled in 10-15 minutes. MyCanoe 2.5 Plus is a portable, creatively designed boat for your floating adventures!