Alternative Baking Company Cookies

June 13, 2017

Currently available: $13.50 (5 cookies)  Visit their site to learn more

Award winning vegan cookies. The folks at Alternative Baking Company have some surprisingly delicious cookies. We say surprisingly because as a vegan cookie, there are no eggs, no honey, and no dairy (read: no butter!). Is it possible to still have a cookie without those key ingredients like eggs and butter? Yes! Alternative Baking Company has successfully created 13 Vegan cookies, 5 Gluten Free cookies, and 3 Low Carbs cookies that are soft, chewy, flavorful, and super yummy. Plus, there’s no refined sugars, no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, no cholesterol, no animal ingredients, and no artificial ingredients, just organic flour, organic sugar, as well as other premium, natural ingredients. These monster sized cookies are meant to be shared since they have over 200 calories per serving and each cookie is 2 servings. Taste the difference with Alternative Baking Company Cookies!